Sage Noel Henry was born 12-30-2010

Our family feels like it should….. She is perfect & I could not be any happier!!! I Got my Boy & My Girl.

For all of you who have been asking, & wanting to know… I have done a few massages here and there between Las Vegas & Malibu

I took a long leave from my massage practice to spend time with my baby. As I’m sure you understand… :)

I am starting back to do Massage again In May 2011…

Hoping to build My mobile practice back up again with regular client base. Give me a call…..





So many people have been asking me where I have been the last year?

They truly miss my work in San Diego. Awe!!!

I have relocated to Las Vegas from San Diego. I was newly  pregnant, and my Husband was up for a promotional transfer through his work. We took it!!! Being the supportive wife, I was making so many calls to friends filling them in, to see who I know in  Las Vegas…???? (Nervous) We loved San Diego……..

My dear friend Holly McNamara. Called me right then…just before we made the move. She asked me “Could You move to Las Vegas one month before your husbands transfers for work? ASAP? She said “You will stay at Tony’s Hsieh’s House, I trust you with my life, Now get out here”. She said “Delivering Happiness could really use my help right now as they are preparing to launch their new book”.  Said, “Tony could use regular massage too” haha… I made the move with My son Elijah into Tony’s home.Until my husband moved out here to Las Vegas.

WHAT A CHANGE from My Massage Business!!! Haha!!!  I just embraced it, I had too!!!

I started helping right away for the Book launch with Holly McNamara, Tony Hsieh’s Personal assistant at the time, &”Life Managing Director”. I came on board as “Jane of all Trades” for the Delivering Happiness Book Launch, and the Bus Tour… I was also Tony Hsieh personal assistant to his home. He asked me how long I could do this help for”. I said a year or two. I did the house parties,etc.I did everything from administrative work, to shipping off books, to taking care of Tony’s home, etc…

This is what happened to me this last year in a nutshell…

Thanks Tony, It was a blast!!!

Thank You Delivering Happiness!!! I’m Glad I got to help get you up and running…

And all I got after it was all done was a tiny “Delivering Happiness Bus” to show for it!!! LOL

You can check out the rest of the crew and myself below




Patricia henry

Patricia Henry

On March 15, 2010, Baroness Kimberly Moore is proud to celebrate its 3rd year anniversary of the The Echelon Club.

The Amazing event was  held at a luxurious penthouse ballroom in Los Angeles. The affair was hosted by Kimberly Moore, Legendary Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and special celebrity guests…

Massage By Patricia was Excited  to help in Supporting “The Echelon Club”. Baroness Kimberly Moore is an active entrepreneur from New York City and Goodwill Ambassador to the United States.

Massage Gift to Buzz

Buzz Aldrin being gifted by Patricia Henry& kimberly Moore


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Massage by Patricia & Was Excited to support The X Prize Foundation this year….

Have a look,


Massage by Patricia Xprize foundation

X Prize Foundation

Already being touted as a sensational event, the X PRIZE Foundation Charity Fundraiser continues to build momentum as additional prizes and celebrities have been secured, guaranteeing more winners and an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Newly added prizes include test flights in the revolutionary amphibious sport aircraft, the ICON A5; a luxury VIP golf vacation to La Paz, Mexico and other vacation packages. These prizes join previously announced offerings, including a trip to space with Virgin Galactic, a 2010 Tesla Roadster and the opportunity for one individual to have his or her genome fully sequenced.

The fundraiser will take place at a private mansion in Pacific Palisades on Saturday, April 24 at 6:00 p.m.

The roster of guests include sports team owners, professional athletes, CEOs, venture capitalists, philanthropists and award winning Hollywood producers & entertainers. The evening caters to all skill levels and attendees will have the rare opportunity to get lessons from poker professionals like Annie Duke, Chris Ferguson, Rafe Furst, Phil Gordon and Andy Bloch.

This charity fundraiser will raise money for the X PRIZE Foundation. Founded in 1996, the X PRIZE Foundation tackles the world’s greatest challenges in the areas of Life Sciences, Energy & Environment, Education & Global Development and Exploration (Space & Oceans). Through the development of ground-breaking competitions, X PRIZE incites collaboration among the world’s most brilliant minds to address these issues.

While vying for their chance at these unbelievable prizes, guests will have a ‘high roller’ experience as they dine and sip spirits and wine from Sterling Vineyards and Johnnie Walker, and rub elbows with the biggest names in the gaming and entertainment industries. Activities of the evening will range from blackjack and baccarat to a celebrity poker tournament during which guests can hold ‘em, fold ‘em, and call a bluff on some of the best players in the business. To relax after a tense game, Massage by Patricia will be ready to soothe the body, while a personal cigar sommelier will ease the mind.

Red Cross Santa Monica
I Love to Support Great Causes… the Red Cross of Santa Monica is one of my favorites…
The Santa Monica Chapter of the American Red Cross is a humanitarian service organization. Their volunteers and staff have a committed belief in the values of doing good for all people in our community. They are the standard of excellence in alleviating human suffering, providing relief to victims of disasters, and helping people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.They are proactive in furthering their mission which is consistent with the American Red Cross congressional charter and the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross Movement.
I do and encourage anyone reading this to get out and GIVE BACK… It is what truly matters most…. :)
Red Cross Santa Monica
Supporting the Red Cross


Red Cross

The Doctors Awarded by the Red Cross

The Red Cross

The Red Cross


Welcome to Massage by Patricia’s Blog

There is so much more to massage than rubbing muscles, I work on the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Bodywork to me means to help facilitate growth,change,and healing; and the understanding of humankind that comes from knowing the whole self.

This is my gift to give and hopefully through my work you will find a safe & sacred space. Stay true to yourself and be open to outcome…

Patricia Henry


From 2001 After taking an Anatomy class preparing  my prerequisites for my degree in Dental Hygiene, after being in the dental field as an oral surgery assistant for 8 years prior. I felt an immediate connection to the human body,understanding the insertion, origin & action of muscles. I was hooked!! I went from having a career in dentistry, to finding the Best School on the Planet for massage therapy training at (IPSB)… I now feel my bodywork has been a true expression of my heart & my own healing… To this very day, When I sit next to someone more than a couple of minutes, I am naturally drawn to look at their skeleton, the curve of  the muscles, every detail I can… I always have my hands on someone. :) I am captivated & feel like I can at times sink deeper to an emotional/spiritual level… It truly is my gift & I really love it.People have been commenting about how profound my bodywork is and that they have never felt better in their bodies/so moved emotionally…

In 2004 I wanted to pursue my gift of bodywork full time…I still feel like this is what I was always supposed to do. I appreciate my calling to Know, Love & Heal others…

In 2005 when I decided to cater to an exclusive client base. It was a decision that I chose because a teacher in school said I couldn’t. I feel like we are all human & I didn’t want to believe that we are any different. I have had some wonderful journeys along the way. I am excited and grateful for each & everyone client who has been open to outcome with me & trusted the process of my work….

I truly am touching Humanity One body at a time!!!

The wonderful art of bodywork.


God Bless!!!!