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Welcome to Massage by Patricia’s Blog

There is so much more to massage than rubbing muscles, I work on the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Bodywork to me means to help facilitate growth,change,and healing; and the understanding of humankind that comes from knowing the whole self.

This is my gift to give and hopefully through my work you will find a safe & sacred space. Stay true to yourself and be open to outcome…

Patricia Henry


From 2001 After taking an Anatomy class preparing  my prerequisites for my degree in Dental Hygiene, after being in the dental field as an oral surgery assistant for 8 years prior. I felt an immediate connection to the human body,understanding the insertion, origin & action of muscles. I was hooked!! I went from having a career in dentistry, to finding the Best School on the Planet for massage therapy training at (IPSB)… I now feel my bodywork has been a true expression of my heart & my own healing… To this very day, When I sit next to someone more than a couple of minutes, I am naturally drawn to look at their skeleton, the curve of  the muscles, every detail I can… I always have my hands on someone. :) I am captivated & feel like I can at times sink deeper to an emotional/spiritual level… It truly is my gift & I really love it.People have been commenting about how profound my bodywork is and that they have never felt better in their bodies/so moved emotionally…

In 2004 I wanted to pursue my gift of bodywork full time…I still feel like this is what I was always supposed to do. I appreciate my calling to Know, Love & Heal others…

In 2005 when I decided to cater to an exclusive client base. It was a decision that I chose because a teacher in school said I couldn’t. I feel like we are all human & I didn’t want to believe that we are any different. I have had some wonderful journeys along the way. I am excited and grateful for each & everyone client who has been open to outcome with me & trusted the process of my work….

I truly am touching Humanity One body at a time!!!

The wonderful art of bodywork.


God Bless!!!!