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Sage Noel Henry was born 12-30-2010

Our family feels like it should….. She is perfect & I could not be any happier!!! I Got my Boy & My Girl.

For all of you who have been asking, & wanting to know… I have done a few massages here and there between Las Vegas & Malibu

I took a long leave from my massage practice to spend time with my baby. As I’m sure you understand… :)

I am starting back to do Massage again In May 2011…

Hoping to build My mobile practice back up again with regular client base. Give me a call…..





So many people have been asking me where I have been the last year?

They truly miss my work in San Diego. Awe!!!

I have relocated to Las Vegas from San Diego. I was newly  pregnant, and my Husband was up for a promotional transfer through his work. We took it!!! Being the supportive wife, I was making so many calls to friends filling them in, to see who I know in  Las Vegas…???? (Nervous) We loved San Diego……..

My dear friend Holly McNamara. Called me right then…just before we made the move. She asked me “Could You move to Las Vegas one month before your husbands transfers for work? ASAP? She said “You will stay at Tony’s Hsieh’s House, I trust you with my life, Now get out here”. She said “Delivering Happiness could really use my help right now as they are preparing to launch their new book”.  Said, “Tony could use regular massage too” haha… I made the move with My son Elijah into Tony’s home.Until my husband moved out here to Las Vegas.

WHAT A CHANGE from My Massage Business!!! Haha!!!  I just embraced it, I had too!!!

I started helping right away for the Book launch with Holly McNamara, Tony Hsieh’s Personal assistant at the time, &”Life Managing Director”. I came on board as “Jane of all Trades” for the Delivering Happiness Book Launch, and the Bus Tour… I was also Tony Hsieh personal assistant to his home. He asked me how long I could do this help for”. I said a year or two. I did the house parties,etc.I did everything from administrative work, to shipping off books, to taking care of Tony’s home, etc…

This is what happened to me this last year in a nutshell…

Thanks Tony, It was a blast!!!

Thank You Delivering Happiness!!! I’m Glad I got to help get you up and running…

And all I got after it was all done was a tiny “Delivering Happiness Bus” to show for it!!! LOL

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